On this page you will find appliances (virtual machine images or groups of virtual machines images) allowing you to run various software. They are available on at least one of the clouds described on this website.

Swift Logo
Swift is a parallel scripting language that can be used in many different science fields. We provide an appliance containing Swift 0.94 and DSSAT, a software application program that comprises crop simulation models. You can use this appliance to create your own Swift image for your target application.View Appliance

Autoscaling TORQUE

TORQUE is a resource manager for clusters. We provide an appliance containing TORQUE 3.0.6 and Phorque, a program that will automatically scale the number of worker nodes in your TORQUE cluster.View Appliance

Chef Server

Chef is a configuration management tool that Phantom can use to contextualize instances. We provide an appliance for deploying your own Chef Server on all FutureGrid Nimbus clouds and on EC2.
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