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Swift is a parallel scripting language that can be used in many different science fields. We provide an appliance containing Swift 0.94 and DSSAT, a software application program that comprises crop simulation models. You can use this appliance to create your own Swift image for your target application.

The Swift appliance is available on the Hotel and Sierra Nimbus clouds on FutureGrid with the image name swift-0.94-dssat.

To run the Swift appliance with Phantom, you need to create at least two domains: one for the Swift leader node and one for the workers.

First, create a launch configuration for your Swift leader node. We will call it swift-leader (see step 1 further below). Select the public image swift-0.94-dssat and use the following user data:

cd /home/swift/DSSAT
su swift sh -c "env PATH=/home/swift/swift-0.94/bin:$PATH ./swiftopt.sh -s cloud -p test -n 5000"

Enable your selected site and save the launch configuration.

Switch to the domains tab and create a domain called leader using the launch configuration we just created and a number of VMs of 1. Start the domain and wait until the VM is running. Once it is running, click on it to reveal the details and take note of its hostname.

Now, go back to the launch configurations tab and create a new launch configuration called swift-worker. Use the same image (swift-0.94-dssat) but use the following user data:

/home/swift/swift-0.94/bin/worker.pl http://$LEADER_HOSTNAME:40403 node /tmp

Make sure to replace $LEADER_HOSTNAME by the hostname of the VM you started previously!

Save the launch configuration. Change to the domains tab and start a new domain called workers using the launch configuration swift-worker and the number of workers you want to run. The DSSAT computation should start automatically.

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