Grids versus Clouds

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The issue of how exactly cloud computing differs from grid computing was responsible for much controversy in the last year. Here are my two cents on how Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud computing and grid computing are different (also discussed in the Sky Computing paper) At some level, both cloud computing and grid computing represent the idea… Read more »

EC2’s boot from EBS capability

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Amazon AWS recently announced that EC2 instances can be configured to launch from EBS volumes instead of bundled disk images. Science users launching heterogeneous clusters can possibly take advantage of this in order to streamline the bundling of images. Those clusters often share a base image layout. Because these AMIs can now reference any number… Read more »

Cloud Computing and Bioinformatics: Notes from a Workshop

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I recently attended an immensely interesting workshop on using cloud computing for systems biology computations. The workshop was co-held with SC09. The agenda and the presentations are available online from the workshop pages and are well worth a look. Here are some impressions from the workshop. The workshop began with a discussion of current challenges… Read more »