LANTorrent in Action on FutureGrid

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We just reduced image propagation time on FutureGrid’s Sierra cloud at UCSD from hours to minutes! This magic comes courtesy of Nimbus LANTorrent. We blogged about LANTorrent before: it can distribute the same file among many nodes using peer-to-peer techniques. It is available in Nimbus since version 2.6 and allows users to efficiently deploy a… Read more »

Cloud Highlights from CCGrid 2011

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A few weeks ago (May 23rd-26th) I traveled to sunny Newport Beach, California to present a paper, Improving Utilization of Infrastructure Clouds, at CCGrid 2011. Our paper addresses one of the main challenges faced by infrastructure cloud providers: ensuring that resources are utilized efficiently while still providing resources on-demand. To solve this catch-22, we deployed… Read more »

Science Cloud 2011

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I had the privilege of presenting Cumulus: Open Source Storage Cloud for  Science at the Science Cloud 2011 workshop yesterday.  While I was focused on our open source S3 implementation ideal for the extensibility and scientific experimentation, many other interesting topics were presented. Shane Canon present a very interesting look at common misconceptions about the… Read more »

Clouds and TeraGrid: Small is Useful

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When we think of science we don’t immediately think of quality assurance and yet… scientists have to run their codes somewhere, they need hardware, the hardware needs software, and the software needs to be operated reliably and efficiently – enter the Quality Assurance (QA) team of TeraGrid: the most powerful open science resource. Shava Smallen,… Read more »

Catch-22 for Infrastructure Clouds

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Cloud computing users think on-demand availability is the best thing since sliced bread: it enables elastic computing, outsourcing for applications requiring urgent or interactive response, and reduces wait times in batch queues. But if you are a cloud provider you might not think so… In order to ensure on-demand availability you  need to overprovision: keep… Read more »

A Nimble Elephant

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BaBar from the children’s books is a young elephant who comes to a big city, and brings back the benefits of civilization to other elephants in the jungle. He also happens to be a very apt mascot for a high-energy physics project. The name BaBar actually derives from the B/B-bar subatomic particles produced at the… Read more »

Astronomy in the Clouds

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HPC in the Cloud posted a nice article describing how scientists from the Canadian CANFAR projects are using cloud computing to deal with their data problem. Quoting from a recent white paper by Nicholas Ball and David Schade: “in the past two decades, astronomy has gone from being starved for data to being flooded by… Read more »

Science Cloud Workshop

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Happy New Year! To get it off to a new start check out the call for papers for the ScienceCloud 2010 workshop – announced right before Christmas! The last year’s Science Cloud workshop was a great venue for anybody interested in cloud computing for science. The program covered everything from scientific cloud platforms (and how… Read more »