Cloud Highlights from Supercomputing 2010

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Happy Thanksgiving! Last week (Nov 13-19) was the annual Supercomputing (SC) conference. This year it was held in New Orleans, Louisiana. Cloud computing was featured by vendors and speakers throughout the conference. There were far too many cool products, talks, and papers to mention in a single post, however, a few of the highlights that… Read more »

Sky Computing

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I’ve been wanting to say a few words about sky computing for a while and eventually iSGTW forestalled me with a very nice article on the topic. It describes a cool work by Nimbus committer Pierre Riteau who created a virtual cluster of over a thousand cores over resources leased from six Nimbus clouds: three… Read more »

Get There Faster with Nimbus 2.6

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Today we made open source Infrastructure-as-a-Service capabilities for science just a little bit better… The new Nimbus 2.6 makes your images get to the nodes a lot faster and provides capabilities allowing administrators to easily and dynamically shift resources between their tried-and-true batch scheduled cluster and a cloud — depending on where they need them… Read more »