A Nimble Elephant

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BaBar from the children’s books is a young elephant who comes to a big city, and brings back the benefits of civilization to other elephants in the jungle. He also happens to be a very apt mascot for a high-energy physics project. The name BaBar actually derives from the B/B-bar subatomic particles produced at the… Read more »

Astronomy in the Clouds

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HPC in the Cloud posted a nice article describing how scientists from the Canadian CANFAR projects are using cloud computing to deal with their data problem. Quoting from a recent white paper by Nicholas Ball and David Schade: “in the past two decades, astronomy has gone from being starved for data to being flooded by… Read more »

Science Cloud Workshop

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Happy New Year! To get it off to a new start check out the call for papers for the ScienceCloud 2010 workshop – announced right before Christmas! The last year’s Science Cloud workshop was a great venue for anybody interested in cloud computing for science. The program covered everything from scientific cloud platforms (and how… Read more »